10 Fast Facts About Hattiesburg, Mississippi

fast facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The lovely town of Hattiesburg houses thousands of happy residents—and you may be among them. Share the love of this great city and surprise friends, coworkers, and family with these fascinating facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They might even give you new ideas about how you’ll spend your free time!

City Nickname

Ever wonder if Hattiesburg has a nickname? Well, it does! In fact, it’s known as the “Hub City.” The town gained this title in 1912 because it linked different railroad lines.

Founding Date

In 1882, Captain William H. Hardy founded the town of Hattiesburg. That makes the city about 137 years old. As for the state of Mississippi, it was founded in December 1817, making it 201 years old.

State Size Ranking

Currently, Hattiesburg is the fifth most-populated town in the state. As per the last census in 2015, this city boasts approximately 46,805 residents.

First Name

Hattiesburg wasn’t always called “Hattiesburg.” In fact, it’s first name was “Twin Forks.”

Shorter Commutes

On average in the United States, people commute 29 minutes per day. In Hattiesburg, the commute is even shorter at just 17 minutes per day on average. For working people, we bet that this is one of the best facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


About 1.63 percent—or 0.89 square miles—of Hattiesburg is made up of water. This includes the gorgeous Duncan Lake! Residents often visit, feeding ducks by the water. Just remember—if you visit, give ducks oats and defrosted frozen peas instead of bread.

Historic Theater

The Saenger Theater, which was constructed in 1929, is still in operation today, thanks to restoration efforts after it shut down in the ‘60s. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, the name of this theater may sound familiar, and for good reason. The architect behind the Saenger Theater, Emile Weil, was famous for designing buildings in The Big Easy.


Hattiesburg has its very own zoo. Located at Kamper Park, it houses animals like rare Galapagos tortoises, popular sloths, and cool jaguars.


The land in Hattiesburg belongs to two counties, not one. Residents can live either in Lamar or Forrest county.


Now that you know Hattiesburg’s nickname and first name, it’s time to learn just why the town is called what it is today. As it turns out, the name is a tribute from its founder to his wife, who was named Hattie.


With these facts about Hattiesburg, Mississippi, you can better understand—and appreciate—your town. With all of its rich history and amazing attractions, Hattiesburg is one of the most popular places to live in the state. If you’re looking for another equally popular residence to move to, it’s time to visit The Belmont Apartment Homes. Give us a call us at (601) 268-0477 or visit our website here to get started. Finally, for more apartment living tips and local facts, check out our blog.

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