Hattiesburg Ranks as the Best College Town in Mississippi

BeCollege Town in Mississippi

College. A time full of papers, test prep, and the all-important weekend parties. Often caricatured in film, TV, and other forms of popular culture, college signifies a major shift for many young adults. It’s a time to meet people, make new friends, and mull options for a potential career. And there is an important part to college sometimes overlooked: the town in which it’s located. Luckily, Hattiesburg is happening in that regard. It has been ranked as the best college town in Mississippi!

The Study

Conducted by Reviews.org, the study selected Hattiesburg as the best college town in Mississippi after considering a number of factors. These included cost of living, chances for student employment, public transportation services, night life, and the overall education of the population. Hattiesburg bounded to the front of the pack after all these factors were considered.

There’s little wonder as to why these factors stood out to the researchers and to college students, alike. With hikes in college tuition rates—coupled with concerns such as jobs and transportation—all these aspects would have an effect on what would be deemed the best colleges and their respective towns.

The study based its findings on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To narrow the scope of the study, cities with a population less than 250,000 were assessed. Three criteria were given additional weight to streamline the methodology: living costs, public transportation options, and a city’s unemployment rate for 20–24 year-olds.

Which colleges reside in Hattiesburg?

Hattiesburg is home to the following two- and four-year institutions:

  • The University of Southern Mississippi
  • William Carey University
  • Antonelli College
  • Pearl River Community College


It’s official: Hattiesburg has been ranked the best college town in Mississippi. That might be surprising to some—but not to those who call Hattiesburg home. Here at The Belmont Apartment Homes, we’re lucky enough to be Hattiesburg born and bred!

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