Local Spotlight: Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art

Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art

Love local art? You’re not alone! The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art, an arm of VisitHattiesburg, dedicates itself to showcasing artwork for public enjoyment. Their vision articulates more for art than just aesthetic—it’s a source for awe-inspiring human connection.

What does the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art do?

Much of the artwork that dots Hattiesburg’s landscapes and public places comes courtesy of the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art. Along with showcases, the Alliance has fostered art advocacy and education programs over its six-year tenure. They’re a community that seeks to cherish artworks and artists, spotlighting local pieces in prominence across Hattiesburg.

Founded in 2014, the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art owes its roots to VisitHattiesburg, its umbrella organization. Community outreach plays a large role in the Alliance’s efforts, with civic engagement and artistic encouragement serving as major initiatives.

What are some recent activities?

Recently, the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art has helmed mural projects throughout the heart of Hattiesburg. One of the murals, “Birthplace of Rock & Roll,” pays homage to Hattiesburg’s roots as the place where “Rock & Roll” first began. It’s touted as a major tourist draw for music enthusiasts seeking a photo op.

Another project, “Wonderful Day,” recognizes a famous quote by renowned author Maya Angelou. A joint effort between local artists, businesses, and high school students produced the mural for the public’s benefit. It sits directly across from the Hattiesburg Public Library.

In addition to the public murals, the Alliance has erected several permanent artistic works—fixtures that can be found around our city.


For many, art enhances the human experience. The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art lends itself to this cause, enriching a city that sits at the crossroads of a cultural renaissance mosaic. It’s one of the things that help us appreciate Hattiesburg all the more.

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