In the News: Stadium Renovation at USM’s Hattiesburg Campus

Stadium Renovation at USM's Hattiesburg Campus

Miss cheering on the University of Southern Mississippi? Though we may need to wait a bit longer for the next big football game, the good news is that an amazing new experience is in the cards at M.M. Roberts Stadium. Currently, there is an ongoing stadium renovation at USM’s Hattiesburg campus. Wondering what that entails? We have the info!

What does the stadium renovation entail?

The stadium renovation at USM’s Hattiesburg campus is giving the University Union/Stadium Plaza a marvelous makeover! This $2.4 million project aims to gives students and visitors more space to gather, as well as to create more room for people to enjoy game day fun.

What can visitors expect to see at the renovated stadium?

Game day and everyday student life alike are about to get even more exciting. Some of the features on the agenda for construction include:

  • Banners depicting famous University spots;
  • A giant stage;
  • A ramp;
  • More outdoor seating, as well as a seating wall;
  • Bike racks; and
  • Additional lighting.

When will the renovations be completed?

After some planning, USM earned a go-ahead from the Mississippi IHL Board. Now, construction is underway! The projected finishing date should fall in the month of September. That’s only a couple months from now!

A Bit on Remote Learning

This upcoming semester, USM intends to rely on remote learning. Lessening the spread of COVID-19 remains an important priority. The university will also be decreasing in-person events and gatherings. Stay safe, social distance, and wear a mask whenever possible!


The University of Southern Mississippi knows that good hospitality is one of the greatest joys in life. Soon, they will be able to provide space—and a whole lot of fun—for students, visitors, and game day fans alike. The stadium renovation at USM’s Hattiesburg Campus is still ongoing. While it’s likely that the 2020-2021 season will look a bit different from the ones before it, at least we can take comfort in the fact that our community strives to protect all of its members. Thank you for doing your part to keep Hattiesburg safe!

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