Things to Do: The HATTIES(BURGER) Trail


One of the biggest discussions in each household—not to mention the cause of quite a few impassioned debates—is what you’ll all be eating for the next meal. Often, it’s hard to make everyone agree on the same spot. Well, our hometown may have come up with a revolutionary solution: eating your way through the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail. Never heard of this cool local creation? Read on to learn what’s on the table!

What is the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail?

The HATTIES(BURGER) Trail provides a map to all kinds of delicious local burger joints. In fact, there are 33 restaurants on the trail. Support local businesses—and savor a sensational meal—as you work your way through the different spots.

What are some of the restaurants participating in the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail?

Almost three dozen restaurants proudly participate in the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail. Their locations range from Downtown Hattiesburg, to Midtown, to the Avenues, to West Hattiesburg. A few of the amazing locations include:

  • Ed’s Burger Joint;
  • Fairley’s Wings and More;
  • Blu Jazz Café;
  • Half Shell Oyster House;
  • Strick’s BBQ;
  • Cotton Blues Kitchen & Marketplace;
  • Petra Café;
  • Keg & Barre;
  • And lots of other amazing restaurants.

See the full list here.

How can I participate in the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail?

Don’t worry—there’s no start or end date involved with the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail. So, feel free to pick a place and head on over for a bite. And when you’re done, you can cross it off the list!

Safety Reminders

This season, it’s up to us to keep our community safe. Please, remember to wear a mask and stay six feet or farther from those not in your household. You should also take notice of all posted signage and employee direction. Additionally, if you prefer, you can always order takeout and eat your tasty HATTIES(BURGER) at home! Thank you for thinking of those around you.


Starving? Next stop, the HATTIES(BURGER) Trail. With 33 different joints to choose from—not to mention countless different burgers to try—your stomach is about to become a very happy camper. Plus, you’ll be doing our town a bit of good by supporting local businesses. For a little extra fun, you can also print out the brochure and cross off each spot that you visit. Who knows—you might even find a new favorite burger along the way.

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