Coming Up: Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff

Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff

Competitive nature. Skills in the kitchen. A desire to win the title. If these qualities describe you, we know just the time and place to earn your stripes! The Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff will heat up soon on Feb. 6.

More on the Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff

Great at making gumbo? Are you more of a chili cook? Or have you mastered both? No matter your answer, there’s room for you at the cookoff! Competitors can register to make one or two distinct batches of each dish. They can also enter non-traditional chili creations, so get ready to see some unique options! At the end, Keg and Barrel will also give out a People’s Choice Award.

If you don’t want to compete, you can still eat! Visit the Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff to sample nearly endless options. Attendees can also drink craft beer, jam along to the music, and simply have a great time.

More on Keg and Barrel

Even if you can’t make the cookoff, you’re always welcome at Keg and Barrel. Beer lovers can choose from more than 120 tasty brews. They also offer other libations like craft cocktails. Plus, if you’re hungry, you can chow down on food from their amazing menu, like nachos and bacon cheddar fries.

You can even bring home the food you’re craving! Right now, Keg and Barrel is offering both dine-in and curbside takeout—so enjoy your pick! The restaurant boasts three locations in the area.

Attendance Details

If you want to compete in the cookoff, register online by Feb. 1. Then, when Feb. 6 rolls around, head on over to Keg and Barrel in West Hattiesburg, at 1315 Hardy Street. The cookoff begins at 11 a.m. Buy your tickets at the gate!

Safety Reminders

Our community matters deeply to us. Please, look out for everyone around you by following mask mandates. You should also social distance, standing six feet away from those not in your household. Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly, carrying hand sanitizer with you for your convenience. Thank you for protecting everyone in Hattiesburg!


It’s your time to shine! After you’ve cooked up the perfect batch of chili or gumbo, it’ll also be time to eat too! Whether you’re competing or sampling up a feast, we hope you have a delicious time at the Keg and Barrel 11th Annual Chili-Gumbo Cookoff.

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