In the News: Fat Boys Pizza in Hattiesburg

Fat Boys Pizza in Hattiesburg

Occasionally, there are times where we can eat pizza all day long! Lunch, dinner, and even breakfast—each bite tastes like a slice of heaven. Soon, you’ll have another pie place to add into the rotation: Fat Boys Pizza in Hattiesburg, MS. In fact, they aim to open their doors this spring!

More on the New Fat Boys Pizza

You may have heard of the Fat Boys Pizza franchise, which got its start in Louisiana. If you miss their pies, get ready to chow down! They plan to unveil a Fat Boys Pizza in Hattiesburg. The building will also include TVs, a bar, and a game room for even more fun!

Some Extra Good News

Fat Boys Pizza promises to bring the flavor. That’s not all it will contribute to our town, though! When it opens, it will add 40 to 50 new jobs to our local economy. Plus, as they make updates to the building, that will also create another revenue boost.

When will the new restaurant open?

Good things come to those who wait. Don’t worry though—you won’t have to wait too long for the new Fat Boys Pizza. They aim to open this spring, with hiring starting in March and April.

Where can I find the new restaurant?

The new Fat Boys Pizza has a little time left before it opens. Once it does, however, you can visit it at the former La Fiesta Brava location. The address is 6168 U.S. 49 in Hattiesburg—right across from the University of Southern Mississippi!

What can I order?

Fat Boys Pizza serves up pies, both whole and by the slice—but that’s not all. Their menu includes delicious options like:

  • Baked meatballs;
  • Dessert knots;
  • Calzones;
  • Jumbo pretzels;
  • Loaded waffle fries;
  • Garlic bread;
  • Caesar salads;
  • And more.

You can also order pizzas with flavor combos such as:

  • Buffalo chicken;
  • Tomato and basil;
  • The Meats;
  • Supreme;
  • BBQ chicken;
  • And more.

Safety Reminders

We all have the ability to do our part to protect the community. So, please remember to follow relevant mask regulations. You should also social distance, staying six feet or further from those not in your household. Finally, listen to all employee direction and posted signage. Thank you for making Hattiesburg, MS a healthier place to live!


Spring marks the beginning of a new season. In tastier news, it also will bring the unveiling of Fat Boys Pizza in Hattiesburg, MS. What will you order?

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