In the News: Food Truck Parks in Hattiesburg

food truck parks in Hattiesburg

Fans of the food truck phenomenon and food truck operators alike have something to look forward to with recent revisions to city ordinances. Thanks to an updated amendment, food truck parks in Hattiesburg can now be developed.

What it Means

According to reports, the city decided to move forward with revisions to Section 5 of the Land Development Code to allow food truck parks in Hattiesburg. Due to an increased interest and inquiries about such developments, specific site standards and regulations have been established.

For example, no drive-thru services for food or beverages will be allowed at food truck parks. There must be no less than two and no more than 10 food trucks on-site. Food trucks need to be at least 10 feet apart and away from other structures.

Other site requirements include permanent restroom facilities as well as proper wastewater disposal areas. Plus, food truck parks in Hattiesburg may provide temporary water and electrical hook-ups but not permanent ones.

These adjustments work with a previously-amended ordinance that used to limit the operation of food trucks to six months a year. Now food trucks are permitted to operate all year long! Mobile units can also be parked on private property with written and approved permission from the owner.

Get Revved Up

Part of the vision for food truck parks in Hattiesburg is what starts as a mobile concept can become more permanent. Many local restaurants get their starts as food trucks. This gives those start-ups the chance to test the local market, so to speak.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant, jump onboard and get ready to pave the road with the development of food truck parks!


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