On Campus: USM’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Options

USM's Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Degree Options

Back-to-school season has already begun! That leaves many of wondering—what kind of education can we find in Hattiesburg, MS? You know that our town is home to the University of Southern Mississippi. What you may not know about, though, is information about USM’s accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degree options. Don’t worry though—we’ll fill you in.

About USM

The University of Southern Mississippi has offered a quality college education since 1910. Currently, it enrolls around 11,500 students. And now, thanks to this exciting program, you could join their ranks!

More on the program

Just imagine it: not only can you get your bachelor’s degree, but you can also get your master’s—and in even less time too. That’s just what USM’s accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degree options promise. According to the school, this track will take as few as five years to complete—instead of the standard six you would normally expect.

How the program works

This program may sound too good to be true—but it’s real! Essentially, it allows qualifying undergraduate students to earn an advanced degree in less time, especially if they work in a Bright Outlook field, also known as a field likely to have need for more workers.

Of course, while it can shave a year off, it may take longer. Still, we can’t stress this last bonus enough: the price will also come to a cheaper total. Sign us up!

Options the program includes

You can choose from several different tracks if you opt into the accelerated program. They include:

  • Criminal Justice B.S. to M.S.
  • Mathematics B.S. to MPH
  • Child and Family Sciences B.S. to Master of Science
  • Library and Information Science B.S. to Master of Library in Information Science; and
  • English Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) to Master of Arts.


Southern Miss—just another reason to love living in Hattiesburg! Now, you can add USM’s accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degree options to the list as well. Who knows—this might even mark the start of a whole new successful career for you!

Speaking of success stories: we are one! The Belmont loves our residents—and they love us too. See why when you browse our floor plans, photos, and application info online. Finally, for more on all things Hattiesburg, check out our blog here.

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