Coming Up: 5th Annual Wine and Whiskey Festival

5th Annual Wine and Whiskey Festival

Take five…as in get ready for the 5th Annual Wine and Whiskey Festival happening Saturday, February 26th, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Canebrake Country Club!


Are you an avid wine lover or new to the world of wine? What about whiskey? For the record, there is no wrong answer!

Everyone will find something they like to sip at the upcoming 5th Annual Wine and Whiskey Festival. After all, there will be more than 100 varieties of wine and whiskey to sample.

There will be delicious appetizers, live music and more. Guests can take their pick from a rare cross-section of fine wines from a plethora of suppliers across the state.

Whether you want to test your palate with a new release or a trusted old vintage, you will find it at the festival!

Moreover, you can learn about wine in new ways—from understanding the process to discovering full bodied flavors. Plus, taking a journey with wine and whiskey will undoubtedly lead to interesting places and people too!

So, get ready to raise your glass when you purchase your tickets to the 5th Annual Wine and Whiskey Festival now.

Location and other notes

For an evening of rich aromas, warm spirits, good food and good company, head to 1 Cane Drive.

Did we mention there are two ticket options? General admission tickets are $75 plus fees.

However, plan ahead and purchase your designated driver a ticket too. A general admission ticket for food only is $45 plus fees. Please note a different colored wristband will be given to the designated driver ticket holders.

Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Fund.

Asking yourself what to wear? Casual dress attire is the way to go.

Questions? Get social with the country club on Facebook or Instagram, or give them a call at (601) 271-2010.


As you continue to make your plans for February 26th, be sure to factor in the 11-minute drive from The Belmont to Canebrake Country Club. For more upcoming events, local news and spotlights, keep reading our blogs!

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