Local Spotlight: Smith Drug Company in Hattiesburg

Smith Drug Company in Hattiesburg

Celebrate our city’s vibrant history while sipping on a malt or milkshake from the newly-restored Smith Drug Company in Hattiesburg on Mobile Street!

A blast from the past

Smith Drug Company in Hattiesburg is officially open to the public on Saturdays from noon until 4 p.m. now through August thanks to the city’s renewed interest in the historic landmark.

Taste the past with a hand-crafted malt, shake or float from the drug store’s soda fountain. Listen and learn as a museum district employee shares stories of both the building and the pharmacists who owned and operated it.

Renovations on Smith Drug Company began in January 2020 when the building was taken over by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission. It’s part of the commission’s East Sixth Street Museum District.

The museum district includes additional local landmarks such as the African-American Military History Museum, the Oseola McCarty House Museum and the Historic Eureka School.

More about Smith Drug Company

Originally opened in 1925 by Dr. Hammond Smith, the shop quickly became a hub for Hattiesburg’s Mobile-Bouie neighborhood families. The drug store provided medicine as well as everyday products like perfume, personal care items, shoe polish, tobacco and more.

Of course, candy, gum and sweet treats from the shop’s soda fountain were a popular draw for the nearby Eureka School students.

More than a local store, Smith Drug Company in Hattiesburg also served as a location for voter registration during the civil rights movement.

Eventually, Dr. Smith sold the store to his longtime co-worker and mentee, Dr. Cohen, who worked alongside Dr. Smith for 27 years.

When Dr. Cohen took over the business in 1980, he renamed it Cohen Drug Company. It operated under that name until he retired and closed the storefront in 1996.

Now, residents and visitors alike can experience a little of that history with a Saturday visit to 606 Mobile St.

Smith Drug Company will also be open for special events, community events or by appointment. For more information, call 601-450-1942 or connect with them on Facebook.


Bring history to life in a fun way when you plan your visit to the newly re-opened Smith Drug Company. Be sure to factor in about 22 minutes of travel time from your place at The Belmont to the shop. For more local spotlights and community news, keep reading our blogs!

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