Things to Do: Relieve Stress at Category 5 Smash Room in Hattiesburg

Category 5 Smash Room in Hattiesburg

Things are heating up this summer. Does that include your temper? Luckily, you can channel “your inner hurricane” and rage to relieve stress at Category 5 Smash Room in Hattiesburg all hurricane season and beyond!

Category 5 Smash Room in Hattiesburg

There’s no need to let your frustration build when you can come to a safe environment and let loose. We’re talking about smashing everything from old toys to old electronics to glass bottles in a controlled environment.

Plus, there are plenty of packages to choose from!

For example, if you just feel the thunder clouds forming, Storm Watch might be perfect for you! Designed for one person, bring your own box of breakables. Pick your smashing tool, pick your music and smash away your stress with a 15-minute bout of fury!

On the opposite end of the spectrum awaits Total Destruction. This package is made for one to six people. They can smash, bash, break and destroy about 100 small-to-medium items along with two large items for one full hour.

More about Cat 5

Category 5 Smash Room is the Hub City’s first smash room. They recently celebrated a one-year anniversary this past May.

Not only can you come to Cat 5 to smash and bash old stuff, you can also donate your old stuff to the cause. In fact, they will collect a wide variety of breakables.

Not sure what to do with your first computer from 1987? What about that old VCR and your collection of VHS movies and TV shows? Throw in old toys, chipped dishes and empty glass bottles and you have the makings for a smash-fest!

Give them a call at 601-329-2305 to make drop-off or possible pick-up arrangements. You can also email [email protected] for more information.


For a smashing good time, head to Category 5 Smash Room in Hattiesburg at 214 West Pine St. You can find them in the heart of historic downtown.

They are open Monday through Friday from 5 to 10 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. Reservations only. Call ahead or send an email to book your reservation today.

For smashing news and more, connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.


No need to wait for a hurricane this season when you can be the hurricane at Cat 5! Plus, it’s nice to know you can enjoy the calm after the storm (and leave the mess behind!) when you make it back to the comfort of The Belmont. Not a resident? Contact us to ask about availability. For more fun things to do in Hattiesburg and beyond, keep reading our blogs!

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