In the News: Public Art in Hattiesburg Boosts Tourism

public art in Hattiesburg boosts tourism

Gray skies and rain showers might be the occasional November backdrop in The Hub City, but looking on the bright side has never been easier. Public art in Hattiesburg boosts tourism, and the dynamic art scene, featuring another new mural, continues to bloom!

About public art in Hattiesburg

Public art in Hattiesburg boosts tourism in a variety of ways. For starters, there’s the Hattiesburg Public Art Trail, which was established in 2021. With more than 40 murals and a dozen-plus sculptures throughout town, the Hattiesburg Public Art Trail is a free, fun way for both visitors and residents to explore the city in a different way.

What’s more, the 48th mural, “Essence of Happiness,” was recently unveiled on Broadway Drive. The large-scale mural portrays children with two of them holding a dandelion, which is said to represent “a wish for hope, resilience, and happiness in the community.”

According to reports, a well-developed tourism strategic plan showcases the city’s natural resources, its creative thinkers and paints an ever-changing picture of the city. And the hard work has been recognized!

As a matter of fact, Travel + Leisure named Hattiesburg as one of 11 places with must-see public art around the world in 2022. Not only is the city’s attention to artistic detail good for the economy, but it also adds to the overall quality of life—and it’s goal-oriented! 

In the end, the city hopes to reach the bold goal of 100 murals within the next five years.

More about public art in Hattiesburg

Public art in Hattiesburg boosts tourism as the city thrives in other ways too, like with the Utility Box Trail. Did you know the Utility Box Trail consists of 44 utility boxes? It does! The utility boxes were painted by local and national artists from 2020 to 2022. 

Another fine example of public art available to all can be found at the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum. Discover more about the Pocket Museum and its pint-sized rotating exhibits before your visit.


Are you wondering where to find all this amazing public art? Start by downloading the public art trail brochure!


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